Las Vegas Wedding Invitations

where are you located?

aisle bound is a small home-based business serving the las vegas and portland areas.

i currently reside in beaverton, oregon and frequently visit las vegas. if you are interested in a consultation,

 i will gladly arrange a meeting location convenient to both parties. 



how soon should i place my order?

aisle bound is 100% custom from start to finish. it is highly recommended to begin the design process at least eight weeks before the stationery needs to go out. this timeframe will allow for a sit down to go over your options, finalizing your design, ordering supplies and for printing and assembling of your items. 



how do i order?

this is the easy part! if you know exactly what you want, how many you want and are ready to order, simply

shoot me an e-mail with all the details included (feel free to send pictures, inspiration, samples, too!) and

i will send you an estimate along with a sample of what i think you want. as soon as you approve, i require a 50% (non-refundable) deposit to order your supplies. if you are unsure and still need a few questions answered, please contact me and set up a complimentary consultation! i will have samples, color swatches, and styles for you to see, touch and even smell if you want! i will be available to answer any questions you have and we can go from there.



how many invitations should i order?

take your complied guest list and group everyone by household. you will see that you will not need to order

an invitation for every guest. a good rule of thumb is to take your number of guests and divide it in half and

add 10-15 extra to allow room for error or in case you missed someone. every order is customized and most

supplies are not on-hand. re-orders can take up to two weeks.

when should my wedding invitations go out in the mail?

proper etiquette suggests you send out your invitations at least three months prior to your event if you have sent save-the-date announcements. if you do not plan to send out save-the-dates, you can send out invitations up to six months ahead of time. remember to give your out-of-town guests enough time to make arrangments and yourself enough time to recieve your their replies and get the final head count to your vendors.



do you have an addressing service?

who wants to concern themselves with addressing and self-addressing hundreds of envelopes? let aisle bound

do the work while keeping the design and elegance a priority with custom labels! there will be no generic

white labels here! your labels will coordinate with the overall concept and design of your invitations.

choose from various shapes, sizes and styles. click here to see those options.



do you offer calligraphy services?

while i admire and absolutely love the art of calligraphy, i do not offer hand lettering services at this time. i do however, offer an alternative, digital calligraphy. this computerized option is less expensive and will match the fonts used in your invitations. please note that digital calligraphy cannot be printed on dark paper.



i am a "diy" bride, can I order supplies from you?

maybe you need the perfect pocketfold, certain color of envelopes or maybe you just need to find the

right paper to complete your "diy" project, i can definitely be your "middle man".



help! i can't seem to 'do it myself'!

if you began your "diy" invitations with confidence, but seem to have lost all motivation or simply can't get

them the way you want, i am here to help! i can assess the problem, fix it, or pick-up where you left off!



i do not live in las vegas, will you ship to my state?

absolutely! i am more than happy to communicate via email, phone and the wonderful postal service to

assist you throughout the design process. please contact me for shipping costs.



can i see a sample of my invitation? 

when a client entrusts me to design their stationery, i send multiple digital design proofs, free of charge.

a hard copy sample of your invitation can be ordered for a fee of $18 per set requested. if time allows,

i recommend ordering a phsical sample. this allows you to see the options you have selected and gives

you a chance to make any last minute changes. 

how long will my invitations take?

most projects, from design start to finish take approximately four weeks. however, if the design and production is more complex, or there are orders in front of you, the process takes more time. i recommend to begin working on your invitations at least eight weeks ahead of time. please remember that your invitations should go out at least 3 months prior to your special event. plan accordingly and allow enough time to ensure your invitations are ready in time. keep in mind that i am a small business owner and i make each and every single one of your invitations

by hand, i can not and do not offer "rush" delivery or services.



how much do your invitations cost?

your invitations are custom made. prices vary depending on the complexity of the design you choose.

please visit the services page for a detailed price list. there are many options and most are ála carte so you

are able to build your custom stationery suite. there is a 20% service fee added to every order.



what is the service fee?

the service fee is an additional percentage cost added to the total for the “labor” part of the projects.

this includes the designing portion, trips to the print shop, obtaining supplies at minimal cost, trips to the

post office, consulting during design process, cutting, pasting and the assembling, which is not included in the

price of the supplies and the more tangible items such as paper, ink and glue. the fee goes up based on

how much assembly is required. please visit the services page for more information.



what type of payment do you take?

i gladly accept all major credit cards, pay pal, checks and cash. please forward pay pal payments to there is a $35 fee for returned checks and a hold will be put on your

order until funds have been approved.



there is a mistake on my order, how do we fix it?

i take a great pride in my work and strive to make your invitation order a pleasant experience. i send numerous proofs of the design and will only print once the design as been approved. giving me a final approval means

that you have checked all of the content including: spelling, layout, times and dates. mistakes do happen and

things get over looked. for this reason, i always recommend having another set of eyes look everything over.

if the error was on my end, i will do my absolute best to make things right! just don't panic!



what is your cancellation policy? 

you may cancel your order at any time before production. i will send multiple proofs and will only begin working your project when you are satisfied and have given a written approval. a 50% deposit is due before i order supplies. this deposit is non-refundable. your items are customized, made-to-order and no refunds will be given.



was this helpful?


do you still have unanswered questions? send me an e-mail! i will get back to you shortly!